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People choose to take a vacation in Tahiti for a whole host of different reasons, and who can blame them. Ahhhh, the South Pacific, the exquisite islands of French Polynesia, if this ain’t the perfect island getaway then I don’t know what is. Tahiti, an island paradise the way it should be, the way it used to be, and the way it still can be.

Tahiti Vacation For The Family

Tahiti has lots to offer for the entire family, and children are so welcome in Tahiti that they are often invited to stay and eat for free, depending on the Tahiti vacation deal you choose. White sandy beaches, turquoise water filled with an abundance of vibrant marine life,  rugged mountains and enough culture and history to shake a stick at . . . yep, the whole family will enjoy a Tahiti vacation, whether you choose to do a little island hopping or stay in one place, Tahiti is a family vacation paradise.

Okay, you’ve talked me into it, I want to go and I want to go NOW!

Tahiti Vacation for Honeymooners

Not surprisingly Tahiti is also a very popular vacation destination for honeymooners – those who maybe don’t have kids yet (or maybe they do). It’s pretty difficult to imagine a more romantic honeymoon destination than Tahiti with many ways to escape from the outside world – maybe a private island picnic close to Bora Bora or a secluded overwater bungalow where your breakfast will be delivered by canoe . . . not too early thank you! All in all, Tahiti is the perfect place to start your new life together.

It don’t get more romantic than that does it?

Tahiti Vacation Cruise

Another very popular way to include Tahiti in your vacation plans is to cruise around the islands, taking in the very best that the islands of French Polynesia has to offer. Cruising around the South Pacific, now that’s what I call livin’.

The entertainment’s not bad either . . .

Tahiti Diving & Snorkeling Vacation

In order to make the very best of your Tahiti vacation, you should really think about taking in the whole Tahiti experience both on dry land and under the water. The whole Tahiti diving and snorkeling experience is second to none, no wonder so many people head out there every year to discover and re-discover the amazing underwater world of the South Pacific. It’ll take your breath away (even before you’re tank has run dry).

Wowee, it looks a little bit crowded down there. There’s no shortage of wonderful things to see, under the sea, on your Tahiti vacation.


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